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Preserves & Extends

Get Damaging, Ugly Moss and Algae Removed so it looks new…and more importantly – Lasts like new!

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Roofing Materials

Every manufacturer has a specific method of cleaning they recommend so #1, your roof isn’t damaged and #2 so you don’t void your warranty.

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Most vents are plastic. The lifespan of a plastic vent is between 8-13 years then they need to be replaced.

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Roof Cleaning

Your Roof is treated with ACTIVE treatments that actually CLEAN the roof with ZERO PRESSURE

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Pipe Boots

Common Leaks & How To Fix It… Most pipe boots (for your plumbing ventilation through the roof ) are neoprene. Due to weather, they get brittle, crack and can cause water to come in to your walls.

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Flashings can rust, get plugged and fail. If they need any attention we can alert you of any solutions to easily solve the problem!

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Brian L

The Roof Medic in my opinion is a top shelf business. They came to my house and looked at my roof, and gave a a fair estimate. Retuned to my home on date scheduled, completed the job quickly and completely. All that and came in $50.00 under…

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Thanks for the review Brian, happy to help on your roof. God bless you man

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Angela Mccleer

The roof medic was great to work with and they pay attention to the details which are tiny for others but matters a lot to the clients. The positive attitude of the roofing mechanics impressed us. Recommending them won’t be wrong but will …

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Thanks Angela for your compliment of my company, I sure appreciate you taking time to give us a review. If there's anything we can do in the future to help make sure let us know! God bless

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Douglas Mchenry

This company provided us a very experienced contractor for our roofing. He provided us the best quality wood for our wooden roof so that the weather damage won’t occur. His suggestion was great and will help us to save money in future on …

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Roof Medic Insiders Guide

How to AVOID Roof Cleaning “Services” That Leave Your Roofing System DamagedBrittle, or Worse…Unprotected,

And How to CHOOSE Services That Actually Make Your Roof Look and Last Like New! Get your FREE Roof Medic Insider Guide Here!

Handwritten Testimonials

In this day and age it takes some exceptional service to prompt a handwritten thank you from a client.  See what our customers have to say about us in their own writing.
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Gentle Roof Cleaning

Understand that roof material doesn’t grow moss all by itself. Debris and the stuff you cant see – spores, fungus and bacteria cause moss!

The secret to cleaning is this…1 method doesn’t fit all. Roofs are different and so are conditions like trees and debris affecting your roof. Comp, shake and tile each have manufacturers cleaning recommendations that are very effective and very different that don’t void your warranties! Most people in this business couldn’t tell you what your roofs requirements are.

Roof Leaking, Concerned about Damage?Our technicians are trained with experienced lead Roof Experts BEFORE they ever work on your home. We are a professional company.

Our phones are answered live 24 hours a day, 7 days a week when you call, Our office staff is knowledgeable and professional. We have in field tech leads and the owner is a tech still. Computerized management software allows us to keep track of your warranty and guarantees for you.

When your roof was new you probably noticed it went years without moss then it was covered overnight? Moss spores reproduce in the billions. Cleaning a roof without eliminating the bacteria, spores and fungus is actually taking the life out of your roof!

Roof Repair & Maintenace

Our service has a NO QUESTIONS SERVICE GUARANTEE which means any aspect of our service that was missed or not up to your standards, we will come back out and take care of it promptly. If your simply still not satisfied with our service…IT’S FREE! We wont charge you because frankly we adopted the Bible verse, “A good
name is better to be chosen than great riches”.

We guarantee that repairs on your roofing system are fixed right the ! rst time. If a repair fails during the season, we will repair it again absolutely FREE, no questions asked.


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