Your Roof Medic

For years I’ve been professionally inspecting roofs, and I’ve spent a career trying to help homeowners clean and repair roofs damaged by weather and often worse…roof cleaning “services”.

As I inspect roofs of homes I continue to see damage that was completely avoidable. The sad fact is that much of the damage is due to do-it-yourself owners and “professional” cleaners who unwittingly caused this damage to your home by using methods and equipment that removes protective barriers and strips the life out of your roof while spreading treatments that are either damaging to your roof, flashings, gutters, fasteners or worse, leave your roofing system with no protection against roof-damaging decomposing moss and bacteria

In some cases I could have saved the home owners hundreds, but in many cases I could have saved them thousands of dollars. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard homeowners tell me, “I wish I’d talked to you sooner!”

Take a couple minutes to read our guide, and save yourself trouble, and money!

What Makes Roof Medic Different?

At The Roof Medic™ we provide cleaning services for homeowners who simply want to…

  1. Extend The Life Of Their Roof.

  2. Be confi dent they’ll get what they want, without the frustrations and angers with typical contractors!

  3. Get Damaging, Ugly Moss and Algae Removed so it looks new…and more importantly- Lasts like new!

  4. Stop Dangerous, Costly Leaks & Problems.

  5. Avoid future build-up of Moss & Damage.

Ultimately we help you keep your roof like new!


Bob Faulk - Our FounderBob Faulk

Owner, Founder

A Note From The President… Let me say, I truly care about people (even difficult ones) and I enjoy this business. People have told me not to mix religion and business but I use the GOLDEN RULE in business and life… (do unto others as you would have them do unto you). The Bible says, “a good name is better than great riches” and anyone that thinks a good name isn’t costly probably hasn’t been in business long. I can’t see where I can separate the two. I’m very good at what I do but I’d be a fool to say problems don’t come with this business. Roofs are the most critical item on a home and homes are typically the most important posession to people. People have an enormous need for this service and I’d rather keep people who know me and like me, happy, so I can do business with them again. I’d be a fool not to set my mind on solving problems as they arise!