Insiders Guide To Keeping Your Roof Clean, Reliable & Safe

Companies Using High Pressure Pressure Washers  or  quote “Gentle Wash” Cleaners…

Companies Using  Typical “Air” Blast  Methods to Clean Roofs…

Most companies basically experiment their way into learning this trade…. at you and your homes exspense

Most “roof cleaning” equipment used is nothing more than a high-pressure pressure washer bought from Home Depot designed to jet blast & shred dirt with pressures from 2500 psi to literally 6000 psi.

2500-6000 psi jet blasts away debris, mold, algae, and mildew and the life of your roof, then most apply a passive zinc powder to the ridges hoping it somehow reaches all the affected areas before its rained away!

Passive treatments seem like they work but usually its the pressure washing that made the roof look clean, not this type of treatment. It doesn’t last long!

We’re sure they probably seem nice, but unless you do a background check, it’s a roll of the dice. We’ve had people apply that we didn’t hire because they had criminal records including burglary or worse. They may have gone on to work for other roof cleaning companies for all we know.

Be particularly careful of after-the-sale service. Do they have a track record proving they will come back to remove any debris, ÿ x any problems or return calls promptly?

Acid treatments break down roof and cause roof materials to become brittle and frail.

Be careful of highly toxic chemicals that can harm plants and wildlife.

Techs may say they have insurance, but it may only be car insurance. According to Washington State, if you hire a contractor and did not do your own due diligence to be sure they were “currently” insured and their workers were covered under workmans comp, your are their personal insurance company. Most homeowners insurance companies have an exclusion to “uninsured” contractors providing services. If they get hurt on your property, they may sue you!

Not sure but I hope its a good one!

We don’t know of any company that offers this guarantee.

We don’t know of any company that offers this guarantee, either.

Whatever the cost, it’s too expensive. You can’t afford to have a massive roof repair or replacement bill to pay from incompetent cleaners or equipment.

Most companies basically experiment their way into learning this trade…at you and your homes expense

Hopefully the air system being utilized are calibrated for roofs with technicians that understand how to use them.

Due to the nature of air cleaning, rarely is the roof get the benefit of a rinse so this cleaning process demands an effective treatment. Be sure the treatment used is in line with your manufacturers requirements.

Most use high alkaline treatments that corrode flashings or damage the roofing system.

There is a difference between the equipment and the quality of the technicians working at your home around your family. . These people are going to be around your home and family, so be certain to choose a company careful with the technicians they put on your home.

Test them out and see if they have a lot of happy customers. Many of these companies will never provide hundreds of happy customer testimonials.

Corrosive alkaline residue chemicals are bad for roof integrity, weakening your roof and compromising its “defenses”.

Leaves behind alkaline compound hlms and when it rains to kill spores – but can be bad for environment and animals.

You can usually bet that if it costs the tech money – and insurance does cost them more money – they will rarely bother to carry it. That leaves you to unacceptable risk.

Not sure but I hope its a good one!

We don’t know of any company that offers this guarantee.

You’d better ask for it and get it in writing.

Just not worth it. It shortens the lifespan of your roof, and the impact is too much on your home.


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Pressure washing & uncertified “Air wash” methods! Loose claims of “Gentle” cleaning can permanently damage seals, and strip valuable years of roof life!


Dangerous or ineffective treatments that ruin your roof, damage your home, or worse, do nothing and leave you, your roof and your finances at RISK.


A service with Calibrated AirWash Roof Systems™ or water wash systems when requested, recommended by roofing manufacturers and designed for ACTUAL gentle, thorough cleaning, plus treatments Dangerous to Moss, Not Your Roof!


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