Insiders Guide To Keeping Your Roof Clean, Reliable & Safe


The Roof Medic™ Clean Method…

Understand that roof material doesn’t grow moss all by itself. Debris and the stuff you cant see- spores, fungus and bacteria cause moss!

The secret to cleaning is this…1 method doesn’t fit all. Roofs are different and so are conditions like trees and debris affecting your roof. Comp, shake and tile each have manufacturers cleaning recommendations that are very effective and very different that don’t void your warranties!  Most people in this business couldn’t tell you what your roofs requirements are.

We DO NOT pressure wash composition shingle or tile roofs! We primarily use air for loose debris with water sometimes on the larger mature moss. On shake roofs we recommend a cleaning procedure based on what you want it to look like in the end.

But Here’s The Real Secret To Our Clean…

Your Roof is treated with ACTIVE treatments that actually CLEAN the roof with ZERO PRESSURE and eliminate spores, fungus and root systems that most cleaning and treatments leave behind!

Wonder why your roof went so long before it needed moss removed when it was new? You finally clean it and its back right away! Passive treatments only halt damaging moss, ACTIVE treatments eliminate it at the source. Don’t trust me, I’ll cover why roof manufacturers are now adding Dupont Teflon or A/R algae resistant formulas to their roofs on my Treatment heading page.

Up-keep or Annual maintenance is cheap! Low cost regular maintenance so your roof lasts while your safe on the ground is good for both of us. Gutters are cleaned, roofs are blown off , and a fresh coat of ACTIVE treatment is applied! Simple.

To be blunt…Misinformation about cleaning sucks to overcome! Sorry to say it like that but because info is available in abundance doesn’t make it true! Just read FACEBOOK!

We do things different than many “roof professionals” for sure. Your roof will last longer, stay cleaner, and look better with our service! We have 1000’s of excellent written testimonials because we request them after every service. Sometimes a client has a legitimate complaint. I wish I was perfect but we solve them quickly. Sometimes a person doesnt want a problem fixed because they have an agenda or are looking for something FREE. That’s OK too. I plan for the long-haul!

If you owned The Roof Medic, knowing moss is a repeat problem, wouldn’t  you simply do your best to make sure your clients were pleased? Trying to start business over because you did something to hurt your reputation or a customer is dumb. Helping you get the most effective and cost eff effective solution for your roof…THATS SMART! You get roof-designed, calibrated equipment with very effective treatments so the cleaning process is safe and lasts.!

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Pressure washing & uncertified “Air wash” methods! Loose claims of “Gentle” cleaning can permanently damage seals, and strip valuable years of roof life!


Dangerous or ineffective treatments that ruin your roof, damage your home, or worse, do nothing and leave you, your roof and your finances at RISK.


A service with Calibrated AirWash Roof Systems™ or water wash systems when requested, recommended by roofing manufacturers and designed for ACTUAL gentle, thorough cleaning, plus treatments Dangerous to Moss, Not Your Roof!


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