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A Note From The President… Let me say, I truly care about people (even difficult ones) and I enjoy this business.

People have told me not to mix religion and business but I use the GOLDEN RULE in business and life… (do unto others as you would have them do unto you). The Bible says, “a good name is better than great riches” and anyone that thinks a good name isn’t costly probably hasn’t been in business long. I can’t see where I can separate the two.

I’m very good at what I do but I’d be a fool to say problems don’t come with this business. Roofs are the most critical item on a home and homes are typically the most important possession to people. People have an enormous need for this service and I’d rather keep people who know me and like me, happy, so I can do business with them again. I’d be a fool not to set my mind on solving problems as they arise!

Having said that, here goes…
#1 We promise to explain our service in detail!

#2 We promise to never ask you for a penny until our service is complete, and your pleased!

#3 We promise to do what we said we would do, when we said we would do it!

#4 We promise to never do a single item on your home not approved by you in writing before we start!

#5 We promise to do our best to perform above and beyond your expectations!

#6 We promise if we miss anything we were hired to do or make a mistake, we will take full responsibility both work wise and  nancially to rectify the problem.

#7 We also promise if after we have tried to the best of our ability to solve any problem or mistake, if you’re still not pleased, you don’t owe us a dime!

image-6Don’t Let ANY Contractor Climb On Your Roof Unless They Can Clearly State Their Preparation and Safety Procedures

Preparation is far more important than most home owners believe.

A Simple Bent Gutter From Careless Workers Can Cost You $450 to Over $8000

Our ladders are fitted with tilt-off s. Simple preparation can protect against damage.

Plugging A Drain Field From Roof Debris Can Cost $1500 to over $10,000 to Repair…

Some contractors wash all the moss and debris right down your downspouts without any care over what’s happening to your drainfield. We simply block the downspouts with a toilet bowl brush. It’s a little silly but it works, the water goes down and the debris gets washed out!

The Most Common & Costliest Damage Done By Roof Cleaners Is…

Dragging hoses across the ridges. A penetration in your roof could cost you an entire new roof system. Ridge shingles are delicate and take enough wear due to harsh weather. Dragging hoses back and forth cross those ridges cut like a saw. One of our clients had over $5400 in damage to the roofing system because a cleaner dug countless holes in his ridge causing serious unseen damage for months. By the time it was discovered, it had caused dry rot, de-lamination and interior mold.


How The Roof Medic Overcomes Them All!

When your roof was new you probably noticed it went years without moss then it was covered overnight? Moss spores reproduce in the billions. Cleaning a roof without eliminating the bacteria, spores and fungus is actually taking the life out of your roof!

Roof manufacturers are now designing in algae resistance like Dupont Teflon and other formula’s. to inhibit damage from moss and algae. The 2 problems are… Like wax on a car, treatments wear out, and treatments aren’t designed to replace maintenance!

Moss is destructive to every roof type in a different way.

  1. It delaminates & eats holes in composition,
  2. Dry rots cedar shake turning it to mush
  3. It fills flashings full of moss so water gets diverted around it and into your home causing expensive leaks. It also lifts cement tiles making them extremely susceptible to breaking.

Solution #1…Eliminate decomposing debris. That’s where roof damage happens. Simply blowing loose debris from the surface. will slow decomposing debris from creating spores and moss!

Solution #2…ACTIVE treatments Eliminate the Source, it’s effective on spores, fungus and bacteria. Like antibacterial soap for your hands, Active treatments stop reproducing moss and fungus at the root!

All Roof Maintenance

Up-keep or Annual maintenance is cheap! Low cost regular maintenance so your roof lasts while your safe on the ground is good for both of us. Gutters are cleaned, roofs are blown off , and a fresh coat of ACTIVE treatment is applied! Simple.

To be blunt…Misinformation about cleaning sucks to overcome! Sorry to say it like that but because info is available in abundance doesn’t make it true! Just read FACEBOOK!

We do things different than many “roof professionals” for sure. Your roof will last longer, stay cleaner, and look better with our service! We have 1000’s of excellent written testimonials because we request them after every service. Sometimes a client has a legitimate complaint. I wish I was perfect but we solve them quickly. Sometimes a person doesnt want a problem fixed because they have an agenda or are looking for something FREE. That’s OK too. I plan for the long-haul!

Gutter Cleaning & Maintenance

How to make your gutters look NEW and stay draining!Cleaning out cutters are dangerous for most homeowners and 99% of the clients I talk to would agree they are a nuisance. We can clean them regularly, stop leaks at the seams, and keep them looking like they were just installed!

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