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Please take a few minutes to continue reading, and save yourself trouble, and money!

Dear Homeowner,

Unfortunately, this information is VERY necessary. For years we have been professionally servicing roofs and trying to help homeowners clean/repair roofs damaged by weather and often worse…roof cleaning “services”. When we inspect roofs we continue to see damage that was completely avoidable. The sad fact is that much of the damage is due to do-it-yourself owners and “professional” cleaners who unwittingly caused this damage to your home by using methods and equipment that removes protective barriers and strips the life out of your roof while spreading treatments that are either damaging to your roof, flashing's, gutters, fasteners or worse, leave your roofing system with no protection against roof-damaging decomposing moss and bacteria. In some cases we could have saved the home owners hundreds, but in many cases we could have saved them thousands of dollars. We can’t tell you how many times we've heard homeowners tell us, “I wish I’d talked to you sooner!”

Please take a few minutes to continue reading, and save yourself trouble, and money!

There are 3 critical factors you need to know when your roof is cleaned, maintained or repaired:
  1. How to identify which equipment, method, and treatments your contractor should use on your roof.
  2. How to choose a contractor that understands your roof system and how to clean or repair your roof without causing damage.
  3. How to be guaranteed your roofing system was serviced properly and with a Warranty you can actually count on.

The Breakdown: 3 Typical Methods and why they don't work

  1. Damaging High Pressure (Water) Washing: High-pressure, pressure-washing (2500 to 6000 PSI of raw power) blast away debris, but can remove actual roof material the cleaning process is intended to improve.
    • Beware of "Gentle" pressure washing claims! Some cleaners call their high pressure water systems "Gentle Cleaning". It sounds good, but can blow holes in roofs and flashing's. This causes secondary damage greater than the moss or original problem the service was intended to correct.
  2. "High Pressure" Air Cleaning: High pressure air was originally used to blow loose debris off shake roofs too brittle or damaged to be cleaned by pressure washing. It works well for moss removal but must be used properly by trained technicians to prevent damage to your roof and also must be followed by an active moss treatment to prevent the moss from growing back. Most contractors only follow up with very ineffective long-term treatments that leave your roof discolored for months and once the rain has rinsed the treatment away, so does the moss prevention. That is why it has to be done repeatedly.  
  3. "Wire Brush & Scrape" Cleaning: This process typically uses aggressive wire brushes to scrape moss off the surface then coarse brooms to sweep away the dislodged moss. Again most contractors apply ineffective passive treatments after the cleaning. The problem for composition scraping embedded moss can de-laminate the composition from the fiberglass backing and cause roof damage and failure. Composition has definition (cracks and crevices) that can be missed by a brush. Moss spores reproduce by the billions. That is why your roof can be cleaned with this method and moss returns within a year. Bacteria and fungus spores re-grow under your shingles where the brushes can't reach. The only way this method can be effective is when it is combined with an active treatment that eliminates the spores down to their roots and prevents future growth. 

The greatest danger with each of these methods is using ineffective treatments or no treatment at all

Passive Treatments

Passive treatments like zinc powder or liquids don't eliminate the fungus or the bacteria that caused the moss and algae in the first place. Once it is washed off from the rain, its ability to halt moss growth is gone.

Cleaning without Treatment

Cleaning without treatment guarantees you'll have moss back almost immediately. Removing moss and algae by simply removing what you can visibly see is like snapping weeds off at the surface. Spores and bacteria reproduce in the millions and travel by rain, wind and growth.

Our Method: How The Roof Medic makes your roof look and last like new

The Roof Medic understands that roof material doesn't grow moss all by itself. Debris and the stuff you can't see such as spores, fungus and bacteria cause moss! The secret to cleaning is understanding that not all roofs are the same. Roofs are each different and so are conditions like trees and debris effecting your roof. Each roofing material has manufacturer cleaning recommendations that are effective without voiding your warranty. Most roofing contractors couldn't tell you what the manufacturer requirements are!

We DO NOT pressure wash composition or tile roofs. We primarily use air for loose debris on composition and tiles roofs. On shake roofs the cleaning procedure is based on what you want it to look like in the end however, we no longer offer shake roof services.

But here is the real secret to our clean

The Roof Medic uses ACTIVE treatments that actually eliminate spores, fungus and root systems that most cleaning and treatment services leave behind! Wonder why your roof went so long before it needed moss removed when it was new? Roof manufacturers add moss resistant formulas that get washed away over time. We apply a new ACTIVE treatment that acts just like the original to prevent future moss growth.

Following our service, low cost regular maintenance so your roof lasts while your safe on the ground is good for both of us. Join our Tip-Top Annual Roof service so your gutters are always clean, your roof is free of debris and a fresh coat of treatment is re-applied. Prevention is the best way to help prevent future moss.

To be blunt, misinformation about roof cleaning sucks to overcome. Sorry to say it like that, but just because information is available in abundance doesn't make it true! Just read FACEBOOK! We do things differently than many "roof professionals" for sure. Your roof will last long, stay cleaner and look better with our service. We have thousands of written testimonials that show why our method is the right method for your roof. If you owned The Roof Medic, knowing that moss is a repeat problem, wouldn't you do your best to make sure your clients were pleased? Cleaning your roof with the wrong method is simply dumb. Helping our clients get the most effective and affordable solution for their roof is smart. With The Roof Medic you get roof-designed, calibrated equipment with effective treatments so the cleaning process is safe and lasts!




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